What We Do

WASP NQ specialises in the following services:

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WASP NQ is currently based in the Whitsunday region, known to locals as paradise! We service the Whitsunday region as well as the rest of Queensland. We also have highly experienced and skilled pilots that have joined the WASP NQ team in Byron Bay, NSW and Canberra, ACT. WASP NQ works closely with Airmap 3D, we are the first two licenced UAV (drone) companies in the Whitsundays. It is our intention to expand our business to include establishing divisions with multiple dedicated aircraft and qualified operating staff across the country over the next couple of years.

Working closely with production companies with decades of experience, WASP NQ is able to offer a unique and unequalled finished product.

Why would you choose WASP NQ over any other service provider?

All WASP NQ staff are fully licenced and accredited – All staff have the many required licences, certifications, CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) approvals to operate 100% legally.

WASP NQ is 100% approved to use these aircraft in Australia – Due to strict CASA regulations, each aircraft must pass multiple tests and safety exams to be approved for use in Australia. All WASP NQ aircraft have been given the CASA tick of approval.

Specialists in their fields – WASP NQ specialises in its chosen fields. We believe that rather than being mediocre at many things, it’s better to be GREAT at a few things! The WASP NQ staff have a vast amount of experience in our chosen specialised fields allowing us to give the customer exactly what they want.

All WASP NQ’s aircraft have several built in safety features – With a loss of communication between the control and the aircraft due to interference or a battery issue, the aircraft will all go into “failsafe mode” and prepare for a GPS guided landing. The Octocopters also have the ability to lose multiple motors and still be safely flown and landed.

Safety – No risk to pilots, ground crew or the public – There are no risks in flying over roads or under power lines as it is simply not necessary. The aircrafts can be stopped, hovered and landed in minimal time in limited space. We also operate with a dedicated pilot and dedicated camera operator to ensure the best possible results every time.

Why choose WASP NQ to fulfil your aerial cinematography needs? 

Utilising High Quality Equipment – We operate with MikroKopter components on an aircraft specifically designed for them. Made in Germany, they are of extremely high quality with total reliability. The camera gimbal we use is being utilised in shooting Hollywood block buster films and is simply unrivalled in the industry.

Passion and Creativity – The WASP NQ staff have the passion and dedication to create the masterpiece our customers rave about! We love what we do and get very excited about the possibilities of every job. We see the world differently and our work reflects this vision.

Professional and Experienced – Our Chief Pilot has a wealth of experience with over 10 years’ experience with remotely piloted aircraft and all WASP NQ pilots are subjected to stringent testing to ensure we can offer only the best pilots. Our staff are friendly and professional and are there to make the experience one you’re sure to excitedly chatter about for a long while afterwards!

Watch the magic happen live – Make yourself comfortable in our 6 metre fully enclosed trailer while watching the magic happen live on our 40″ flat screen television.

You are part of the process – Sitting beside the camera operator you can direct the shots to achieve exactly what you’re looking for. If you prefer, you can leave that part to us and you can just sit back and enjoy the show.

Unparalleled End Result – Working with production companies with decades of industry experience we offer an end result second to none. We can turn your magic footage into a professional presentation you’ll be excited to showcase at every opportunity.

Greater control to achieve fantastic results – All of our operations include a dedicated camera operator as well as a pilot. This allows for greater control to get the perfect shot every time!

Why choose WASP NQ to offer you a different perspective on your maintenance and production? 

Professional Service – When WASP arrive on site, everyone knows it. We arrive in our 6 metre fully decked out bright PINK trailer, follow the site safety procedures to a tee as it is second nature to us and listen to the customer to achieve exactly what they want.

Increased Productivity – In an industry where every lost minute makes a monumental difference, gain insight into where you’re losing valuable production time.

Maintenance & Planning – High quality images can be used to map out and plan maintenance days. When efficiency is key, effective planning is essential.

Fast Processing Times – We offer a sneak peak at the results via a direct link to an online preview of your images and video, usually the same day. We try to complete post processing and forward your images to you on a USB flash drive within 48 hours of completing the job.

Live Video Feed – Our aircraft sends a wireless video feed back to our 40″ flat screen mounted in our large, custom built trailer. Make yourself comfortable and watch the magic happen, all while being able to direct the camera operator and pilot to achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

Full HD Video and 24 megapixel images – High quality HD video and high resolution photos give the detailed view from a perspective you’ve probably never seen before!

Why choose WASP NQ for your emergency services support?

Knowledge and Experience – The WASP NQ staff have 48 years combined experience in emergency services and understand the challenges faced by emergency personnel.

High Level of Understanding – We have a high level of understanding of what you need to achieve, the fastest, most effective ways of achieving it and how important it is to get it right.

Professional & Confidential Service – As experienced emergency services personnel, we have seen the worst of emergency incidents and maintain our professionalism in the face of a critical incident. We understand the confidentiality issues that come with the job and pride ourselves on our ability to maintain that confidentiality.

Live Video Feed back to the Command Post – Get a birds eye view of exactly what is happening on the ground, as it happens, on the 40″ flat screen enabling you to make informed critical decisions armed with vital up to the second information.

HD Video – Our camera equipment can record vital evidence as it happens, all in high definition.

Programmable Flight Patterns – Our aircraft has the ability to perform a pre-programmed flight pattern with a manual override at any time during the mission. It has the ability to stop and hover in one location for up to 25 minutes.

We are on the cusp of a revolution in the aviation industry as technology allows us to work smarter, making aerial applications more accessible by utilising the latest technology in the industry to work in conjunction with existing methods and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

In the coming years, as the technology becomes available and obtains Civil Aviation Safety Authority approval, WASP NQ intends to branch into power line inspections using specialised camera technology and long range aircraft for a range of uses including disaster assistance, search and rescue operations and fire control.

Watch this space, exciting things will happen.