We at WASP NQ believe that everything should be done with passion. We believe that we need to embrace technology and innovation as these will lead us into the future. We believe that possibilities are infinite. Specialising in high quality aerial cinematography, maintenance inspections and emergency services support, if you share our beliefs, WASP NQ can show you a whole new perspective!

Drone Fleet

The WASP NQ fleet currently consists of four aircraft all with specialist purposes. Our favourite is the Highone Pro, designed with the aerial cinematographer in mind with unprecedented safety systems and a Hollywood quality camera gimbal. The Droidworks AD8 is for very specialised work including thermal imaging and maintenance work. The Inspire 1 Pro and X5 camera is the ideal quick launch non-intrusive cinematographer's tool. Lastly the DJI Phantom 3 Pro may be small but she packs a punch with 4K video footage and a go where no other copter dares attitude!

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Where we operate